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ISPEMAR – NATURAL AGRICULTURE SOLUTIONS is an Andalusian Cooperative Society with wide experience in crop management. It is specialized in open field and private corp management. Besides they also work in open fields and protected vegetable, seeds, flowers, nurseries and gardening. In few words we are a Cocopeat distributor and exporter, organic natural nutrients, bugs natural biological control, horticulture accessories. Español Ispemar Productor exportador de Fibra de Coco

coconut fiber coco peat
nutrients for organic agriculture
complements for greenhouses
ISPEMAR provides natural products and technical top service. Opting for a competitive and clean agriculture. We are convinced that today’s agriculture cannot be done in any other way. Therefore, we also provide our best professional service to obtain sustainable systems, sustainable in economic sense and in full harmony with a healthy, green and leafy environment. For it, ISPEMARpossesses a human, enthusiast, dynamic and innovative team, which assumes their tasks with total responsibility towards clients as well as suppliers.

We have devoted more than 7 years in this sector and we want to keep it going. Giving all kinds of innovations which benefits our customers and the planet. Global distributor and exporter of coco peat, coco peat fiber, coconuts for organic horticulture, sustainable agriculture, organic substrates, cocopeat for hydroponics cultures.